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Telescoping Masts

GeoStrut™ telescoping towers make transporting and erecting quick and easy. These towers are light and compact giving you the most convenient portable tower structures on the market.

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GeoStrut™ Monopoles

GeoStrut™ carbon fiber monopoles provide a wide array of tower options that are all engineered for unparalleled strength to weight characteristics and are available in heights up to 30 meters/100 feet.

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GeoStrut Engineered Towers

Contact us concerning any of your tower/pole needs. Our engineered towers are suitable for rapid deployment, tilt-up, mobile, tapered, telescoping, guyed or freestanding situations.

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Lower Installed Cost

Estimated savings between 20-30%. Faster installation time, lighter installation equipment, and lower foundation requirements mean GeoStrut™ towers have a lower overall installed cost.

Up to 90% Lighter than Steel

GeoStrut™ towers can be up to 90% lighter than equivalent steel towers. This means lighter installation equipment, more cost effective transportation logistics, especially to remote sites.

Less Environmental Impact

Manufacturing GeoStrut™ towers incorporates recyclable materials without harmful solvents. Carbon fiber does not rust or corrode, making GeoStrut™ towers your low maintenance solution.